One moment you break a sweat, the other moment you feel the chills running down your body. Recognizable? You may have a fever. But what exactly is a fever? We tell you what to do if you have a fever and when to see a doctor.

When is the temperature too low?

Instead of a too high body temperature, there may also be a too low body temperature. When your body temperature drops below 35˚C, we speak of hypothermia. You can become hypothermic from exposure to cold, such as wearing clothes that are too thin during cold weather or lying in cold water for too long. You may also become hypothermic from alcohol or drug use, shock, infections, and conditions such as diabetes. You can recognize hypothermia from goosebumps, shivering and restlessness. With more severe hypothermia, you can also become drowsy and confused and your muscles can stiffen. As with a fever, hypothermia must also be taken very seriously. If your body temperature drops further, you may become unconscious or even have cardiac arrest.